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Eliminate odors with these home cleaning tips

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Even in the cleanest of homes, strange odors can pop up and disrupt your whole day. Luckily, there are a few things you can do yourself to eliminate smells in your home.

The first, and maybe most obvious thing you can do is remove the cause of the odor: a dirty kitty-litter box, old food in the fridge, and even a full trash can are some of the many culprits of strange smells in home.

Increase air flow by opening your windows, turning on fans, and letting the sun in to help dissipate  smells. Try putting small dishes of vanilla or activated charcoal around the house to eat up the odors. Smelly items like shoes or sports equipment may benefit from some time out in the yard to freshen up, as well.

For smoke odors, remove smoke film from washable surfaces with a heavy-duty cleaner or degreaser. Add a dash of water-soluble deodorizer from a cleaning supply store to neutralize the odor. For smoky windows, add one part isopropyl alcohol to five parts window cleaner to cut the film.

If the smoke odor is on porous surfaces like ceiling tiles or furniture, the job is best left to a professional cleaning service like Norberto’s. Give us a call today and we’re happy to work with you to arrange a time to visit your home and set up the right specialty cleaning service for you and your home.

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