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How much does your full house cleaning service cost?

Prices for our full cleaning service start at $80. If you’re interested in our cleaning service, please schedule an estimate with Norberto so he can provide you with a more accurate price.

How do we calculate Estimates/Quotes?

With our in-house estimate process, Norberto’s take a customized approach to making sure you pay for what you need and nothing more.

When we visit your home, we take the following things into account to provide an accurate estimate:

  • Furniture within rooms
  • Decorations, paintings, antiques
  • Size of rooms
  • Number of rooms that need cleaning
  • Condition of rooms
  • Custom / additional requests

Without visiting your home, we are able to provide a rough estimate for the cost of services, but it may not be as accurate as our in-home estimate would be.

Please call or e-mail us via our contact form to set up your free in-house estimate with Norberto’s Cleaning Service.